Our Story

All at AlisalGluten-Free is now a way of life for our family, but NOT all of us have to do it so we purpose ourselves to not get TOO crazy.

“Gluten! You mean eating bread is causing him not to grow?!”

Yes that IS the truth, eating bread and other gluten-containing foods was causing my then 14 year old son not to grow or gain much weight. He had virtually no other obvious symptoms, he answered negative to all the expected G.I. questions. Both my son’s Pediatrician and his G.I. specialist exclaimed that they had not had a patient who only exhibited the delayed growth and short stature symptoms.

My husband, on the other hand, had all the G.I. symptoms plus a few others that my son said “NO” to. Thus began our journey of living Gluten-Free. However in our family of 5 not all of us will be going GF.

My first question to the specialist was: “So how crazy do I have to be?” His answer, bless-his-heart, “Not TOO crazy!”

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One thought on “Our Story

  1. Sounds great! They’re starting to have so much gf in the grocery stores. I noticed it recently that they stepped it up at Von’s.😀

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