Salsa Verde Slow-Cooked Chicken Tostadas and Tacos

What is easy to make, feeds many, is enjoyed by a variety of eaters, can flex with an estimated start time and is gluten free? We had nine family members – ranging from a one-year-old to adults – arrive in stages this weekend so I planned a meal that met all of the above criteria. What did we enjoy?

Salsa Verde Slow-Cooked Chicken Tostadas and Tacos!

A few weekends ago our family was invited to join the Hispanic Church members for lunch as we are looking to partner with them in developing a soccer ministry outreach to the local Hispanic community. We were introduced to a gluten free food option that were not aware of. It is called, “Crujientes Y Doraditos Tostadas Caseras Amarillo” – which translates to Crisp and Golden Brown Homemade Corn Tostadas. We enjoyed these so much I was inspired to build a meal which uses them.

This recipe feeds many, is enjoyed by a variety of eaters, is gluten free, flexes with estimated start times AND is super easy because it uses already-made ingredients.
Feeds: 15

For the slow-cooked chicken:
4 large boneless-skinless chicken breast halves
1 24 oz jar of Herdez Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde.

Salsa Verde.

Start the slow-cooked chicken about 4 hours before the estimated start time.

Cut chicken breast halves in half and place in slow-cooker and pour Salsa Verde over the top. Cook on high for at least 4 hours. After about 3 hours break up the chicken into smaller pieces and continue to cook. Just before serving break up the chicken even more. It should break up easily. Leave in slow-cooker for people to serve themselves.

Tostada and Taco Makings

Have the following food items on hand for people to build their own Tostada or Taco

1. Taco Shells
2. Tostadas Caseras Amarillos
3. The slow-cooked Salsa Verde Chicken
4. Black beans – warmed
5. Cheese
6. Shredded Lettuce
7. Sour Cream
8. Salsa
9. Cilantro
10. Limes for squeezing onto tostadas and tacos

Enjoy the Fiesta!

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